Dear MADlib community,

I started working on the upgrade support for our upcoming release (MADlib 1.10.0) and made some progress. Historically, MADlib supported upgrades from any 1.x version. However, with every version, this task becomes more and more time consuming. Note that all upgrades have to be tested for 6 platforms (last 2 versions Postgres, Greenplum and HAWQ). I believe we can drop support for upgrades for versions prior to 1.8 but I wanted to consult with you before taking this action. This change will not disable upgrade for older versions entirely. The upgrade might not give proper error messages but it should still work if there are no dependencies. In addition, it is possible to follow an upgrade chain 1.x -> 1.9.1 -> 1.10.0.

Please let us know if this change is not reasonable.


Orhan Kislal