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From Nikolay Samokhvalov <>
Subject Installation issues: Postgres version detection in madpack + password usage
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 00:39:09 GMT

I'm experiencing new issues with installation on Ubuntu machine.

I have Postgres 9.6.1 (only) installed, but when I'm trying to run madpack,
I get: : INFO : Detected PostgreSQL version 9.6. : ERROR : This version is not among the PostgreSQL versions for
which MADlib support files have been installed (9.5, 9.4).

Neither 9.4, nor 9.5 are not installed on the machine, only 9.6:

ubuntu@box450:~$ dpkg -l | grep postgresql
ii  pgdg-keyring                             2014.1
        all          keyring for
ii  postgresql-9.6                           9.6.1-2.pgdg14.04+1
         amd64        object-relational SQL database, version 9.6 server
ii  postgresql-client-9.6                    9.6.1-2.pgdg14.04+1
         amd64        front-end programs for PostgreSQL 9.6
ii  postgresql-client-common                 178.pgdg14.04+1
         all          manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versions
ii  postgresql-common                        178.pgdg14.04+1
         all          PostgreSQL database-cluster manager
ii  postgresql-contrib-9.6                   9.6.1-2.pgdg14.04+1
         amd64        additional facilities for PostgreSQL
ii  postgresql-plpython-9.6                  9.6.1-2.pgdg14.04+1
         amd64        PL/Python procedural language for PostgreSQL 9.6

So it looks like MADlib incorrectly detects version of Postgres available .

Everything is happening on a CirlceCI virtual machine, so anyone who has
Github account can see it easily and repeat / debug right there:

Here is a list of all steps to reproduce:

.deb package was created using RPM package. I get the same results if I try
to install MADlib from source on that Ubuntu machine.

I have no experience with cmake, so please help.

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