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From Satoshi Nagayasu <>
Subject [VOTE] MADlib v1.10-rc1
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2017 03:27:33 GMT
Hello MADlib community,

We have created a MADlib 1.10 RC-1, with the artifacts below up for a vote.

This will be the 4th release for Apache MADlib (incubating).

The main goals of this release are:
* new modules (single source shortest path for graph analytics, encode
categorical variables, K-nearest neighbors)
* improvements to existing modules (add grouping support to elastic
net and PCA, add cross validation to elastic net, array input for
K-means, verbose output option for DT and RF, limit itemset size in
association rules, various madpack installer improvements)
* platform updates (PostgreSQL 9.6)
* bug fixes
* doc improvements

For more information including release notes, please see:

*** Please download, review and vote by Sat Feb 18, 2017 @ 6pm PST ***

We're voting upon the source (tag):  rc/1.10.0-rc1

Source Files:

Commit to be voted upon:

KEYS file containing PGP Keys we use to sign the release:

To help in tallying the vote, can PMC members please be sure to
indicate "(binding)" with their vote.

[ ] +1  approve
[ ] +0  no opinion
[ ] -1  disapprove (and reason why)

Satoshi Nagayasu <>

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