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From Tetsuo Kobayashi <>
Subject Re: MADlib 1.8 Random Forest error
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2015 01:44:00 GMT
Thank you, Rahul, for your comments. I now understand what the issue is.
The first problem is fixed but the second is not for sure.

I just created a ticket on JIRA. I am hoping this will be fixed sometime
soon because I am working on my customer's data with a data analytics

How long should I expect this to be solved? Does anyone have clues on how
long I am supposed to wait for the bug to be fixed?

Thank you,


2015-11-19 8:57 GMT+09:00 Ivan Novick <>:

> This is an easily fixable bug and I urge you file a JIRA
>> <> (note the new Apache JIRA
>> link). Till that fix is completed, the only workaround for you is to either
>> not use those columns or ensure each group has at least 2 values for a
>> categorical variable.
> *Tetsuo, thx for finding and reporting a bug!*
> *Rahul, thx for triaging! *
> Cheers,
> Ivan

小林哲郎 (Tetsuo Kobayashi)
Senior Data Scientist
TEL: 080-9979-0757(携帯)

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