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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [lucenenet] jeme edited a comment on pull request #347: Move call to debugging flag out of loops calling FixedBitSet.Get/Set
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2020 08:59:05 GMT

jeme edited a comment on pull request #347:

   > Is your recommendation to use `Lazy` also based on the incorrect assumption that `Debugging.AssertsEnabled`
reads the value from the dictionary every time it is read, or is there actually some benefit
to using `Lazy` in this instance?
   It was because I miss read the change as if it was a changed property. As such, I read
it as a `=>` instead of a `=` - maybe a "brain autocorrect" because I would avoid public
fields in all cases, so I expected it to be a Property before and now it became a cached Property.
Seeing as it was a Field before, The change has little value i guess... I would change it
to a property in that case though. So:
   public static bool AssertsEnabled { get; set; }= SystemProperties.GetPropertyAsBoolean("assert",
   > ### Memory Consumption
   > What is not clear to me is why adding this feature that is disabled in production
produces a 23% bigger memory footprint while indexing than when the feature is compiled out
using `Debug.Assert()`.
   > In most cases adding this feature is a wash because we are now able to turn off test
features in production, but the amount of additional RAM is concerning. I suspect this has
something to do with using `Func<string>` as the second parameter of `Debugging.Assert()`
- something that was done to prevent strings from being unnecessarily built in cases where
the condition parameter is `true`.
   > There are at least 3 things that could be tried to reduce or eliminate this extra
   > 1. Use string interpolation rather than `+` to build the message string of `Debugging.Assert(bool,
   > 2. Change all calls to use the `Debugging.Assert(bool, string)` overload except in
2-3 cases that throw exceptions when the condition is `true`. This will slow down testing
for sure, but may improve the situation in production by eliminating the `Func<string>`.
   > 3. Abandon the DRY principle and move the contents of `Debugging.Assert(bool, Func<string>)`
inline into each method where it is called (thus eliminating the `Func<string>` variable).
   > Thoughts?
   Immediately I would think that there was a certain expense in using a Func for this as
compared to alternatives, but that is really just speculations at this point. But I will see
if I can find some time to go poke at it a bit...
   You said you had access to JetBrains resharper though an Apache free use program, does
that include dotMemory? It''s a fairly decent tool for doing memory profiling and it can certainly
tell you which objects you have hanging around. It will also allow you to do a run with the
flag on, safe a snapshot, then do a run without the flag and compare the two snapshots etc...
   (It will be most straight forward if you can make your testing into a executeable you can
run from it)

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