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From Simon Svensson <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Apache Lucene.NET 4.8.0-beta00007
Date Sun, 29 Dec 2019 04:11:16 GMT

I appreciate the build instructions and the mention of the 4.8 Developer
Pack requirement. It really helps to quickly when getting up-to-speed
with running the tests.

// Simon Svensson

On 2019-12-26 07:11, Shad Storhaug wrote:
> It's time to release the latest developments on Lucene.NET 4.8.0. Here are some of the
>   1.  The NativeFSLockFactory has been patched so it works reliably cross-OS.
>   2.  LurchTable has been fixed so it works on Xamarin.iOS.
>   3.  The Lucene.Net.TestFramework is being released for the first time.
>   4.  Two analysis modules, Lucene.Net.Analysis.OpenNLP and Lucene.Net.Analsis.Morfologik
are also being released for the first time.
>   5.  Performance has been improved.
>   6.  .netstandard1.6 support has been dropped, and .netstandard2.1 support has been
> Much of what used to be in Lucene.Net.Support has been cleaned up, documented, and moved
to a new library named J2N. Benchmarks have been performed to optimize the code far better
than it was. We have also taken advantage of .NET Core 3's hardware intrinsics APIs (
to get an extra boost if running on X86/X64 hardware.
> How much has performance improved? It is difficult to tell. I am getting inconsistent
results between running locally and on Azure DevOps. Running locally on my Coffee Lake processor,
I am seeing increases of 200%-300% for some tests projects others have barely changed at all,
on Azure DevOps, the improvements are only about 15%-20% for a complete test run.
> Please perform your own benchmarks for both Lucene.NET 4.8.0-beta00006 and 4.8.0-beta00007
on some realistic configuration and let us know the results so we can include some non-inflated
expectations in the release announcement. Benchmark.NET is a great tool for this:
> Upon this release, we can resolve the following open JIRA issues:
> LUCENENET-615 - PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper.GetTokenStream throws NullReferenceException
when first arg is null.
> LUCENENET-612 - PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper usability issues due to lack of documentation
> LUCENENET-621 - Failing Test: Lucene.Net.Search.TestSearchAfter::TestQueries()
> LUCENENET-622 - Failing Test: Lucene.Net.Util.TestVersionComparer::TestVersions()
> LUCENENET-617 - Deadlock caused by NativeFSLockFactory
> LUCENENET-602 - Error using Lucene.Net.Facet 4.8.0-beta00005 with Xamarin.iOS
> LUCENENET-614 - Make Lucene.Net.TestFramework functionality available to end users
> Resolved for .NET Standard 2.1+ only:
> LUCENENET-610 - Reduce locking in FieldCacheImpl::Cache::Get
> Lucene.NET 4.8.0-beta00007
> Test results of this release build:
> The release artifacts can be downloaded from:
> The tag is:
> As usual, when you unzip the src release distribution, you can build and test (on Windows
only) by running
> build -t -mp:10
> -t means to test
> -mp is the maximum number of tests to in parallel
> Do note that the .NET Framework 4.8 developer pack is now a prerequisite
> This vote will close no sooner than 72 hours from now, i.e. sometime after 6:15 UTC 29-December-2019.
All Lucene.NET committers, PMC members, and dev mailing list members are encouraged to participate
in the voting process. We only count the PMC as official votes, but the feedback of the community
is also valuable.
> +1 - It's a go
> 0 - Neutral, no opinion
> -1 - Hold everything, we need to address...
> Happy Holidays,
> Shad Storhaug (NightOwl888)
> Project Chairperson - Apache Lucene.NET

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