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Subject [TeamCity, FAILED] Build Lucene.NET :: Lucene.NET Nightly [master] #256
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 12:06:12 GMT
Build Lucene.NET :: Lucene.NET Nightly [master] #256 failed (Execution timeout (new); tests
passed: 77; snapshot dependency failed: Lucene.NET :: Lucene.NET Core).
Agent: JetBrains-dotnet-agent02
Build results:

Changes included (19 changes)
Change ecdbcbb6679e2b3deb7fc73312ad40b1e37cc3fe by chand (1 file):
Fix for TestIndexableField.TestArbitraryFields - In java, the byte class is signed and in
C# it is unsigned. Changed the unit test to cast to a (byte) insetad of an (sbyte).

An alternate much deeper fix would be to change the Lucene.Net.Util.BytesRef class to use
sbyte insetad of byte. Not sure if this class was intentionally setup this way or if it is
a conversion error. Comments please.

Change f26f7649b313d93dd935e8248ea2a837e46f30e5 by itamar (42 files):
Various cleanups and API .NETification

Change 4b24d4c8c2f9f79fec6f43d8cb5711f141ef6d02 by itamar (0 file):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/RemoveUnnecessaryAssert'

Change 02c0a0aa6c1ceaecfec2cd021cda80e6d530ada0 by itamar (0 file):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/FixTermCompareTo'

Change 92485464d664fd6fca314b99cc0c08c3e2004ce6 by chand (1 file):
Comment out assert.

Change ff91e96e15d8b3adc2543ec292dff72559d31f4d by chand (1 file):
Fix Term.CompareTo() to use Ordinal for the field name. This matches what Java does as a default.

Change bc17a24d8338a950d916f077764da67b6dd175f1 by chand (3 files):
Interlocked pattern fixes.

Change f1a2b50467412303cd80be669a1b5353c389b171 by itamar (1 file):
Proper way to compare sets

Change 1058ff75d4081f7cef3891743b27d10699f95892 by chand (1 file):
There was a race condition triggered by TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.TestStressDeleteQueue.
The value of Next changed after the Node original = Next; statement. This would cause the
function to return false and end up corrupting the linked list. Comparing with cmp (the value
passed in) ensures that we properly return false if there is a change in Next.

Change ad8ca5356c247a243665b2478155ef1c9a974b9f by chand (1 file):
Cast the float to a double before converting to a string to get extra precision. This helps
keep all the digits for comparison later.

Change 0548f7694caa12ef2f47ea9bed2bf5c2cb9275d7 by t-gupon (1 file):
GetAndIncrement should return one less the final value of the synchronized variable, after
incrementing it. It was generating a race condition because a few threads could read the same

Change 460692d0f568ca70874e32581559950e09ea67fe by itamar (0 file):
Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/ms_pq_fixes'

Change 04945497e04e239ee54b30c4988baf1026c880bd by t-gupon (1 file):

Change 3c85fc8103b7f53052311a7d49cece32da769a1a by t-gupon (1 file):
TestStress is now a real stress test. The benchmarks were moved to a special function. Added
persistance test.

Change 707647d20fc482abcec0713fd47e8f6da39d2c3f by t-gupon (1 file):
Added one more test.

Change 84e29b595b638bd5f5ee1022a6207be6676b847b by t-gupon (1 file):
Removed old tests.

Change aeb5e0384cf154e97ef16fad522276e501e0818a by t-gupon (1 file):
Added PQ tests.

Change 5361c00d9d1a74d0b9c07e0b17a8469a6c966591 by t-gupon (1 file):
Changed a variable name. Changed and added comments.

Change 9c38decabb5dbf4180045b4e4d1477ad5f801341 by t-gupon (1 file):
Added maxSize >= 0 check.

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