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From Guido Tagliavini Ponce <>
Subject RE: People working on core's tests
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:34:08 GMT
It's good to hear we are on the same track, Laimonas! Hope you fix that one soon.

A couple of days ago, I finished with a bug in Lucene.Net.Store, and there are a couple left
there, so those are the ones I'm going to work on next. I'll also tell via this list every
new group of tests I move on to.

Any other one working on the tests?


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From: Laimonas Simutis [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2015 6:58 PM
Subject: Re: People working on core's tests


I am one of the devs working on them. My focus has been on the tests that you can find in
Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene4x namespaces. Each version of codec implementation had a lot of failures
but it is down to ~20 failing tests across the board. The progress has been impeded a bit
by LogByteSizeMergePolicy issue which you can read all about in the mailing list, as well
as here: That is what I am looking at next: why
does LogByteSizeMergePolicy results in never ending merges.

Once I am finished with LogByteSizeMergePolicy fix (I hope I find the culprit!), not sure
what I will tackle next. I usually do a couple of full test runs locally, gather logs to identify
the next area that has a lot of failures and just go at it. I will make sure to announce on
the list when I do and will keep an eye on for the activity of others.


On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 9:20 PM, Guido Tagliavini Ponce <> wrote:

> Hi devs,
> For the ones that don't remember, I'm part of a Microsoft's team 
> working on Lucene.Net core's tests. We'd like to know if there is 
> somebody else working on them and, if so, on which ones.
> Having a reliable version of Lucene.Net is our core priority. So if 
> anyone wants to contribute to the project, any help on fixing these 
> bugs will be very appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Guido
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