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From Christopher Currens <>
Subject Re: Plans for Hunspell integration (and: How do I build the trunk?)
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 17:52:56 GMT

"build commit all release" should work.  However, we have one or two issues
with our current trunk state, as you can see.  It looks like an obsolete
method was removed in IndexReader, but not all tests/projects compiled and
run before it was committed.  Not a huge issue at all, since you've seen it
can easily be fixed (I've committed fixes to the things you've listed above
to trunk already).  I'll admit, that we *should* be able to build it using
the command you've tried, but unfortunately, we're not in a state where
that's possible.

I use the command: "build simple all release" which will clean, build and
generate an html report for the tests.  It doesn't do stylecop rules,
though you can do that after the fact with "build rules all release".  Make
sure you have FxCop installed in the expected location (on my computer,
this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Fxcop 10.0), otherwise it will
*look* like it succeeded, but actually, it will have not run the rules at
all.  I believe it's set to be a warning if FxCop doesn't exist.  The same
goes for Stylecop.  Keep in mind you'll get warnings up the wazoo, but
that's because the code is full of issues.  We never did agree on a set of
rules past "use the ones Microsoft uses", so at this point, we're only
asking people try to follow the rules they see in the current
ambiguous as that might be.  I don't agree with all of the Microsoft rules,
for example, but I would like to see a set of stylecop and resharper rules
put together and stored in the repo.

Anyway, as you might be able to tell, we do need some work done with our
build scripts.  Michael did a great job setting them up, but as the project
has evolved, they've become slightly neglected, and there are a few
problems.  We also don't have any documentation with showing how to build
lucene from the command-line, step by step.  If you'd be willing to do some
work in trying to clean them up or get documentation together, we
definitely would need it.  Perhaps, at the very least, you may create
issues for these things in JIRA.

As for your port of Hunspell, I would feel it would be best if it were
added to the Analyzers project, so you can just import the code and tests
into those respective projects.  Past that, you won't need to update the
build scripts, since it won't output any extra dlls or xmls that we would
need to deal with.


For the record, though, if you WERE to create it as a separate project,
this would be a normal workflow for it:

Put the source in a folder such as: trunk/src/contrib/Hunspell
Put the tests in a folder such as: trunk/test/contrib/Hunspell
-- Make sure you sign BOTH output dlls with the signed name key in

Create the following solutions for your project in trunk/build/vs2010:
-- contrib/Contrib.Hunspell.sln
-- test/Contrib.Hunspell.Test.sln

Add the Hunspell project to these existing solutions in trunk/build/vs2010:
-- contrib/Contrib.All.sln
-- test/Contrib.All.Test.sln

Add/Update the build scripts in the trunk/build/scripts directory:
-- Create a folder named Hunspell in this directory
---- create a document.targets and project.targets with the correct paths
(model it after an existing one)
---- in Contrib/document.targets, add the documentation sources for your
project to the existing list
---- in Contrib/project.targets, add the Hunspell/projects.targets as an
---- in Contrib/Lucene.Net.Contrib.nuspec, add the dll and xml files to the
existing list
---- repeat the previous 3 steps with the target files in the "All"


On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 1:26 AM, Simon Svensson <> wrote:

> Hi,
> First of things first; thanks for the warm welcome.
> As mentioned earlier, I have ported lucene-hunspell[1],  which allows
> hunspell dictionaries to be used for stemming, to
> Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell[**2]. I'm using this with English and
> Swedish dictionaries, and I've got indications via commits, mails and
> questions that it is also used (or at least tried) with French and
> Croatian. It is my intentions to move this code into contrib, which brings
> the first of many questions; should it be added to Contrib.Analyzers, or a
> new project?
> I'm currently experimenting with the build environment and making sure
> that all tools work properly on my machine. However, I'm greeted with
> several execution errors when executing a "build simple all release"; tests
> for SimpleFacetedSearch and SpellChecker calls non-existant overload of
> IndexReader.Open and Memory tests have wrong assembly name and output path.
> The build will proceed if I fix these errors, but some tests fail. (one
> being TestQueryParser.TextWildCard with "Query /term~0.7/ yielded
> /term~0.5/, expecting /term~0.7/"). These tests do also fail in Resharpers
> unittest-runner.
> I've tried "build commit all release" (from the build information wiki
> page[3]) which fails with "NCover v3 does not appear to be installed". This
> is correct; I've been unable to find a free version of a NCover v3. Is the
> commit build target perhaps only meant for build servers?
> I've copied lib\StyleCop.4.5 to C:\Program Files
> (x86)\MSBuild\StyleCop\v4.5 to remove the stylecop-4.5-could-not-be-**found
> warnings. I expect to get a gazillion stylecop-related warnings when
> building (stylecop has never really liked me), but get none at all. Is the
> code perfect, or are no rules applied?
> So, what's the correct way to build the trunk?
> // Simon
> [1]**lucene-hunspell/<>
> [2]**Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell<>
> [3]**LUCENENET/build-system-**scripts.html<>

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