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From Sylvain Rouillard <>
Subject Buggy FrenchStemmer in trunk
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2012 08:42:12 GMT
Hi list,

I am not sure how to report bugs, or even if anybody is interested in 
bug reports. However, I have been playing with lucene lately, and found 
out an implementation bug in the Frenchstemmer 
(/src/contrib/Analyzers/Fr/FrenchStemmer.cs). Whenever I tried to add a 
new document to an index, I got an index out of range error. So I looked 
at the code and fixed that issue: see my diff file attached.

Please note that I also changed a few funky characters to unicode 
notation. The code worked well with the funky characters, but I think it 
just looks better with the \uxxx bits...

Anyways, the important bits is the replacement of a couple of sb.Insert 
by sb.Append.

I hope this helps.

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