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From Christopher Currens <>
Subject [Lucene.Net] Coding Standards
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 07:20:25 GMT

I just wanted to confirm everyone's stance on the coding guidelines
listed in the wiki.

Are these the official guidelines we are using?  If they are, has
anyone who has Resharper already created rules so others don't have
to?  I believe that these are the exact rules used in StyleCop, so
people without Resharper can use those rules to test the code before
check-in, so we may not need to have a ruleset for those who just want
to use the stylecop plugin.

There are things I like and dislike about the Microsoft Design
Standards, specifically, I prefer private variables to start with an
underscore for easy identification.  Either way, making sure there's a
ruleset will be helpful for other people when using tools to conform
to the standards.


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