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From Michael Herndon <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] Contrib and releases
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 19:38:00 GMT
Some of the stuff currently in core were moved to contrib projects in newer
versions of Lucene

An example of this is the standard analyzer for 4x, is no longer in the
core project. So that is a scenario to be wary of.

As previously mentioned by chris, we should probably continue to maintain
what we have and slowly increase as contributors invest the time in porting
a contrib project, but otherwise concentrate on the essential.

Though I would imagine we should define what is considered to be essential
for a release and what is not.  Its also possible to put contrib projects
not essential on a different release cycle altogether.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 1:38 PM, Prescott Nasser <>wrote:

> I'd like to port over as much as possible. There is a lot of great stuff
> there and it only opens our user base up. That said I think they are nice
> to haves not requirements
> ________________________________
> From: Christopher Currens
> Sent: 11/22/2011 10:13 AM
> To:
> Subject: [Lucene.Net] Contrib and releases
> I wanted to take some time to discuss our position on the Contrib projects.
>  Digy and I were a little off topic in the roadmap thread and I brought it
> up.  Digy mentioned he always felt that it was a "nice to have" but
> not necessarily required for a release.  I can't say I disagree.
> I had some time to look over a lot of the contrib code in Java, and there
> are quite a few projects that cannot be ported directly, as they rely on
> 3rd party Java libraries that have no direct .Net equivalent.  Porting them
> could delay releases a long time, which is why I think it hasn't really
> been kept up to date as it is.
> I think a requirement for releases should be to have whatever projects that
> are currently in contrib to be up to date and building, with valid and
> passing tests (our 2.9.4 Contrib.Analyzers project is missing tests for 9
> namespaces).  I think it should be as simple as that.  I don't think we
> should worry about adding new projects, unless you feel compelled to do so.
>  My opinion is that if someone wants a Contrib added to the project,
> someone can port and donate the code to our project, or if they request it,
> someone can volunteer to port it themselves.
> People do use our Contrib assemblies, I personally think this is a fair
> trade-off to only have to maintain what we already have.  I would like to
> know how everyone else feels about it.
> Thanks,
> Christopher

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