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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [Lucene.Net] Roadmap
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 05:33:21 GMT
On 2011-11-23, Prescott Nasser wrote:

>>> My goal is to release 2.9.4 this month - it looks like we have no -1s
>>> from our dev list so in the next day or so I will put that to the
>>> general incubator list.

>> Please remember to mention you need two more IPMC member votes.

> I just sent that vote email out - do you want me to update? or do you
> mind just tossing it a +1?

I will follow up to it.

>>> With the 4.0 release we should be at or near parity with Java and
>>> ready to roll out of the incubator. We could do the 4 release and the
>>> graduation process at the same time as well

>> For my personal taste this is way too late. There is no reason why
>> you'd have to be on par with Java Lucene in order to leave the
>> incubator.

> No problem by me, just from what I saw there are a number of podlings
> that are in the incubator for a long time. I figured no harm in
> staying in. But also, it seems like first half of next year is too
> quick (from those who have already started working on it)

Oh, I didn't mean release 4.x earlier, I meant graduate earlier.  There
is no reason to defer graduation until 4.x is ready.


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