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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Lucene.NET Community Status
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 04:15:25 GMT
Just to be clear, there is a third option in all of this besides Attic or Incubator and it
is what I wrote in the original email.  Remedy the 4 items (quoted below) and then go to the
Board to be a Top Level Project.  Clearly, the life in this thread shows that #1 can be met
if people are willing to back up their words with action (i.e. patches and discussion, etc.)
and continue to show up on a regular basis not just as users but as contributors.  That action
could very quickly lead to #2 and #3.  Action by some people on #2 and #3 then leads to #4,
new blood in the project.  I think with 4-6 active committers and some sustained life and
a clear process for doing the port, this would be a fine TLP and the community can then sink
or swim on it's own.

As I said in the original email (quoted below), you have until the end of the year.  If the
community withers away at this point, Lucene.NET will go into the Attic. If it steps up, it
should be a viable TLP and can control it's own destiny under the PMC of it's choosing.

At this point, I'm going to _try_ to stop responding to this thread and let you all work out
what you want to do as a community.  I believe I've made it clear the actions that need to
be taken to show that there is a viable community here.  I also believe those actions are
not onerous (some of them could have been fixed in the time it takes to read all the threads
on this email) as I outlined above.

I will rely on George, as the PMC representative for this project, to report back to the PMC
on the actions taken by the community to remedy the items below or to state that the community
wishes to go either to the Incubator (a vote might be worthwhile here) or to the Attic and
fork somewhere else under a different name.  If there is no report back by that time (call
it January 1, 2011) or no positive action to move the project forward in a healthy and sustainable
way, then I will call a PMC vote to move Lucene.NET into the Apache Attic and then take the
necessary steps to do so (and this is not something I want to do.)  


>> In order to remedy the situation, we would like the following things to be
>> done:
>> 1.  The community needs to show some (sustained) life.  Not just in code,
>> but in discussion of the project's future, etc.  We would expect the
>> committers to take a leadership role here.
>> 2. The community needs to do a real release that is voted on by the PMC.
>> 3. The webpage needs to be updated to reflect that those previous "source"
>> releases are not real releases and should be taken down.  Likewise, the news
>> section should not tout these non-releases as releases.  The website should
>> also meet the PMC Branding guidelines recently sent out.
>> 4. Identify some new blood for contributors/committers.  Or the current
>> committers need to step up more and take a lead role in the community.
>> We would like to see action on all of these things by the end of this year.
>> If they can't be met, there will be one of the following actions:
>> 1. Go back into Incubation
>> 2. Go into the Apache Attic.  If someone wants to take the code base and
>> fork it out as a project somewhere else under a new name that does not use
>> the Lucene trademark name (since that is owned by the ASF) than that is
>> perfectly acceptable under the Apache license.
>> If the conditions can be met, we think that the project should spin itself
>> out as its own Top Level ASF project with its own PMC so that its future
>> direction can be set by the stakeholders of the project and not by the
>> larger Lucene project as a whole.

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