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From Michael Mitiaguin <>
Subject Re: Lucene.NET Community Status
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 07:03:16 GMT
I am just curious , quite clearly JCLA ( because it is old  ) knows 
nothing about new language constructs, what it does then with all that.

Lucene 3.0.2
The API was cleaned up to make use of Java 5's generics, varargs, enums, and
autoboxing. New users of Lucene are advised to use this version for new
developments, because it has a clean, type safe new API.

For any such unknown fragment is it emitted as is in Java  into the C# 
output ?
In fact,  successful translation with certain tool  from 3.0.2 at the 
same time solves a problem ( at least to some extent ) of making the 
code more .Net friendly , as  finally it became possible to have C# 
features which existed from the beginning ( or from 2005 when generics 
in C# were introduced ).

> 2) Other conversion tools: Using other converter tools (beside JLCA which is
> the one I'm familiar with) should be looked at.  Keep in mind that until
> when they are tried out, and their quality is analyzed, they are just
> another tools beside JLCA.  In addition, since those are different tools,
> the output C# code may not be consistent with exiting Lucene.Net code.  If
> so, this will cause issue if such a change is at the public API layer; the
> port will no longer be backward compatible (at API level) with existing
> clients.  My preference is to stick with JLCA, since I'm familiar with it
> and know have written scripts to highlight where it falls short.  However, I
> would like to see others try out other tools and report back.  I would be
> really surprise to see any tool doing much better than JLCA because if such
> a tool exist, there would be many ports of other Java projects.  In another
> email, I will outline a use-case to test those other tools.

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