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From "Digy" <>
Subject RE: Luke-0.9.x cannot open index files
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 18:25:28 GMT
I think, I found the bug. Here is the dump of the original index:




DELETED(0): True

DELETED(1): True

DELETED(2): False

DELETED(3): True

DELETED(4): True

DELETED(5): False

DELETED(6): False

TERM(0): _l_activationdatetime:552877632000000000

TERM(1): _l_author:admin

TERM(2): _l_bookmarkcount:0

TERM(3): _l_clix:0

TERM(4): _l_clix:1

TERM(5): _l_creationdatetime:633427319866778624

TERM(6): _l_creationdatetime:633427324812559872

TERM(7): _l_creationdatetime:633760609388437504

TERM(8): _l_deactivationdatetime:155377824000000000

TERM(9): _l_deactivationdatetime:155378687999969792

TERM(10): _l_document_class:1

TERM(11): _l_document_class:98305

TERM(12): _l_folder:163841

TERM(13): _l_folder:163843

TERM(14): _l_hidden:aaa

TERM(15): _l_last_modified_datetime:633427319866778624

TERM(16): _l_last_modified_datetime:633427324812559872

TERM(17): _l_last_modified_datetime:633760609388437504

TERM(18): _l_meta:abc

TERM(19): _l_meta:abc.ppt

TERM(20): _l_meta:ddx

TERM(21): _l_meta:doc

TERM(22): _l_meta:xyz

TERM(23): _l_meta:名

TERM(24): _l_meta:問

TERM(25): _l_meta:有

TERM(26): _l_meta:檔

TERM(27): _l_meta:測

TERM(28): _l_meta:看

TERM(29): _l_meta:試

TERM(30): _l_meta:還

TERM(31): _l_meta:題

TERM(32): _l_parentdocument:196609

TERM(33): _l_parentdocument:327681

TERM(34): _l_parentdocument:557057

TERM(35): _l_ratingavg:0

TERM(36): _l_ratingmedian:0

TERM(37): _l_ratingstdev:0

TERM(38): _l_ratingsum:0

TERM(39): _l_read_permission:admin

TERM(40): _l_rootdocument:196609

TERM(41): _l_rootdocument:327681

TERM(42): _l_rootdocument:557057

TERM(43): _l_state:0

TERM(44): _l_state:2

TERM(45): _l_summary:2123456789

TERM(46): _l_summary:abc

TERM(47): _l_summary:abc.ppt

TERM(48): _l_summary:ddx

TERM(49): _l_summary:doc

TERM(50): _l_summary:xyz

TERM(51): _l_summary:有

TERM(52): _l_summary:還

TERM(53): _l_title:123

TERM(54): _l_title:class

TERM(55): _l_title:default

TERM(56): _l_title:document

TERM(57): _l_title:名

TERM(58): _l_title:問

TERM(59): _l_title:檔

TERM(60): _l_title:測

TERM(61): _l_title:看

TERM(62): _l_title:試

TERM(63): _l_title:題

TERM(64): _l_unique_key:196609

TERM(65): _l_unique_key:327681

TERM(66): _l_unique_key:557057

TERM(67): _l_version:1

TERM(68): 作者:123

TERM(69): 摘要:2123456789

TERM(70): 摘要:abc

TERM(71): 摘要:abc.ppt

TERM(72): 摘要:ddx

TERM(73): 摘要:doc

TERM(74): 摘要:xyz

TERM(75): 摘要:有

TERM(76): 摘要:還

TERM(77): 標題:123

TERM(78): 標題:class

TERM(79): 標題:default

TERM(80): 標題:document

TERM(81): 標題:名

TERM(82): 標題:問

TERM(83): 標題:檔

TERM(84): 標題:測

TERM(85): 標題:看

TERM(86): 標題:試

TERM(87): 標題:題

TERM(88): 關鍵詞:123




And here is a sample code: read docs from original index and then write to an new one.


void CreateNewIndex(string OrgIndex)


            IndexReader reader = IndexReader.Open(OrgIndex);

            IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter("Floyd", new Lucene.Net.Analysis.WhitespaceAnalyzer(),true);


            for (int i = 0; i < reader.MaxDoc(); i++)


                if (reader.IsDeleted(i) == true) continue;


                Lucene.Net.Documents.Document orgDoc =  reader.Document(i);

                System.Collections.IList fields = orgDoc.GetFields();


                Lucene.Net.Documents.Document newDoc = new Document();

                foreach (Lucene.Net.Documents.Field field in fields)


                    Lucene.Net.Documents.Field newField = new Field(

                        System.Convert.ToBase64String( System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(field.Name())),

                        //field.Name(), //ç


                        field.IsStored() ? Lucene.Net.Documents.Field.Store.YES : Lucene.Net.Documents.Field.Store.NO,

                        field.IsTokenized() ? Lucene.Net.Documents.Field.Index.TOKENIZED :












If some field names are chinese, then Luke returns “read past EOF”. But if those field
names are replaced with non-chinese names, then it works.








-----Original Message-----
From: Granroth, Neal V. [] 
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 8:53 PM
Subject: Luke-0.9.x cannot open index files





Some additional information from the discussion on the lucene-net-user list with Floyd Wu.



I ran some further tests using Java Lucene 2.3.2 and JDK 1.5.


The Java equivalents of the two small test applications I use to inspect an index and compact
it, function identically to the .NET versions (that were built with VS2005 and Lucene.NET


That Luke cannot open the index appears to be a problem within Luke.

Even if Floyd's index contains some odd entries, Java Lucene 2.3.2 does not flag the index
as corrupt; and both the Java and .NET versions report the same index content before and after
the optimize operation.



-- Neal



Neal Granroth

Software Engineer, Molecular Spectroscopy

Thermo Fisher Scientific

5225 Verona Road, Madison, WI 53711

Tel: 608-276-5645

Fax: 608-276-6328


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-----Original Message-----

From: Digy (JIRA) []

Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 6:28 PM


Subject: [jira] Commented: (LUCENENET-169) Changes to make Lucene.NET compatible with ASP.NET
Medium Trust Level, in hosting environments (like GoDaddy...)





Digy commented on LUCENENET-169:



Although you can overcome all of them somehow;


* controlling the the lifetime of IndexWriter/IndexReader in a naturally manner,

* reopening the IndexReader only when needed using (for ex) FileSystemWatcher,

* providing a separation between data & bussiness layer,

* providing other apps an interface that may want to write its own user interface,

* accessing a single search service from different web apps/from load balanced web servers

* controlling the lifetime of searching/indexing code (without being effected by the restart
of the IIS processes automatically when some memory limit is exceeded (for ex.) )

* Ability to access some system resources that can be restricted by IIS


make me think a separete search service is a better idea.But at last, it is a design decision
of you.

(Think, A WebApp+Solr in Java world)





> Changes to make Lucene.NET compatible with ASP.NET  Medium Trust Level, in hosting environments
(like GoDaddy...)

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


>                 Key: LUCENENET-169

>                 URL:

>             Project: Lucene.Net

>          Issue Type: Improvement

>         Environment: ASP.NET

>            Reporter: Corey Trager

>         Attachments: FSDirectory.patch



> Microsoft has a configuration file for shared hosting for what they call "Medium Trust".
  There are a couple places in FSDirectory.cs  that violate the restrictions of Medium Trust,
but I coded workarounds, shown below.

> #1)

> // Corey Trager, Oct 2008: Commented call to GetTempPath to workaround permission restrictions
at shared host.

> // LOCK_DIR isn't used anyway.

> public static readonly System.String LOCK_DIR = null; // SupportClass.AppSettings.Get("Lucene.Net.lockDir",

> #2)

>               /// <summary>Returns an array of strings, one for each Lucene index
file in the directory. </summary>

>               public override System.String[] List()

>               {

> /* Changes by Corey Trager, Oct 2008, to workaround permission restrictions at shared
host */

>                System.IO.DirectoryInfo dir = new System.IO.DirectoryInfo(directory.FullName);

>               System.IO.FileInfo[] files = dir.GetFiles();

>                 string[] list = new string[files.Length];

>                 for (int i = 0; i < files.Length; i++)

>                 {

>                     list[i] = files[i].Name;

>                 }

>                 return list;

> /* end of changes */

> //            System.String[] files = SupportClass.FileSupport.GetLuceneIndexFiles(directory.FullName,

> //            for (int i = 0; i < files.Length; i++)

> //            {

> //                System.IO.FileInfo fi = new System.IO.FileInfo(files[i]);

> //                files[i] = fi.Name;

> //            }

> //                      return files;

>               }



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