I believe we have a candidate for the Lucene.Net 2.3.1 release.  It diverges from the SVN HEAD by the list of patches below.

-135 SupportClass.patch
LUCENENET-143 TestStressIndexing2.patch, FieldsReader.patch
LUCENENET-145 DocumentsWriter.patch
LUCENENET-146 SegmentTermPositionVector.
LUCENENET-151 MultiPhraseQuery.patch
LUCENENET-152 SegmentInfos.patch, FSDirectory.patch
LUCENENET-154 TestIndexWriterLockRelease.patch
LUCENENET-155 SetUp.patch
LUCENENET-157 GetFieldNames.patch
LUCENENET-158 CheckHits.patch

I have attached a comprehensive patch to simplify things for those of you who would like to try it out.

1) Get the latest from SVN HEAD (currently revision 702987)
2) Apply Comprehensive.patch from the root directory.

- Doug