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From "Petr Kadlec" <>
Subject Re: Submitting new filter
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 13:42:44 GMT

> What are the glitches that you found in the Demo project?  Lets fix them.

Well, without any real testing, I have found a few tiny problems:


--- IndexFiles.cs       (revision 534902)
+++ IndexFiles.cs       (working copy)
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@

                                System.DateTime end = System.DateTime.Now;
System.Console.Out.WriteLine(end.Millisecond - start.Millisecond + "
total milliseconds");
+                               System.Console.Out.WriteLine((end -
start).TotalMilliseconds + " total milliseconds");
                        catch (System.IO.IOException e)

--- FileDocument.cs     (revision 536850)
+++ FileDocument.cs     (working copy)
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
             // Add the last modified date of the file a field named
"modified".  Use
             // a field that is indexed (i.e. searchable), but don't
tokenize the field
             // into words.
-            doc.Add(new Field("modified",
DateTools.Resolution.MINUTE), Field.Store.YES,
+            doc.Add(new Field("modified",
DateTools.Resolution.MINUTE), Field.Store.YES,

             // Add the contents of the file to a field named
"contents".  Specify a Reader,
             // so that the text of the file is tokenized and indexed,
but not stored.


But, in general, I was quite surprised by the behavior of the
searching application with regards to the charset. It forces a
hard-coded character encoding, and it does it in a strange way that
makes it impossible for me to search for accented characters in the
interactive mode. (The batch mode using -queries works fine if the
given file is in ANSI encoding.) So my question is whether the
behavior is taken from the Java version (which I did not test), or if
it is a bug made during conversion to .NET.

> Also, the demo IndexHtml isn't working.  Do you want to take a look?

Well, I might try to test that.

-- Petr

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