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From ToddA <starman...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Using VC6 on XP to build log4cxx from latest trunk
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 01:20:31 GMT
Thorsten Schöning <tschoening <at> am-soft.de> writes:

> I guess the warnings there are because of your old compiler, that's
> something you need to fiddle on your own... The ODBC error may be
> removed using "with-ODBC=no", because the default behavior is "auto",
> which enables ODBC by default on Windows. The documentation is wrong
> in that part, I fixed that on trunk already but didn't update the
> site.
> Regarding fallbackerrorhandler.h, I guess the problem here is with
> your old compiler as well, but have no idea right now. Have a look at
> the file and object.h for the cast macros and see if you somehow can
> get them working by rewriting or if they are needed at all...

Hi Thorsten,

This is discouraging. :(  In the research I had done, log4cxx kept turning up 
as recommended software and that it was compilable under VC6. I guess that must 
have been true of the latest stable release, 0.10.0. It doesn't sound like the 
newer/next release of log4cxx can be built under VC6 any more. I guess it's not 
too surprising since VC6 is pretty old. Oh well, I tried, and thanks very much 
for your help. I still want to try to use log4cxx since it is so highly 
recommended, I'll just have to try a newer version of VC.

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