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From ToddA <starman...@gmail.com>
Subject Using VC6 on XP to build log4cxx from latest trunk [was Re: Status of log4cxx under Windows using VS 2010]
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2014 04:13:12 GMT
Thorsten Schöning <tschoening <at> am-soft.de> writes:

> Guten Tag ToddA,
> am Donnerstag, 28. August 2014 um 07:28 schrieben Sie:
> > Can you clarify what you mean by "shouldn't be necessary"?
> It shouldn't be necessary to use ANT to create VS project files
> because ANT can directly build your project using VS. You don't need
> the intermediate step of the VS project files.
> > If ANT is not necessary
> It is. 
> > what are the proper steps to build log4cxx from trunk?
> Follow the docs using ANT and optionally Maven, because Maven is
> currently just used as a frontend to the build logic implemented in
> ANT, and ask again if things don't work.
> http://logging.apache.org/log4cxx/building/index.html
> > I'm
> > attempting to build log4cxx using VC6 to integrate it with a VC6 project 
> > working on.
> You have the option of creating the project files for VS, but I guess
> you don't need to, because ANT builds the project with my VS 2013
> Express directly.
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
> Thorsten Schöning

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for your help. So far I've done the following:

1. Downloaded latest (as of 08/26/2014) log4cxx from trunk and put it in 
directory called: apache-log4cxx-from-svn

2. Installed jdk-8u20-windows-i586

3. Went here http://logging.apache.org/log4cxx/building/ant.html

4. Downloaded and extracted apache-ant-1.9.4-bin.zip.

5. Followed the steps in my extracted copy of apache-ant-
1.9.4/manual/index.html for Windows to set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME, and added 
%ANT_HOME%\bin to PATH.

6. Changed to %ANT_HOME% and ran: ant -f fetch.xml -Ddest=system
This resulted in a successful build message.

7. Downloaded and extracted cpptasks-1.0b5.zip.

8. The steps at http://ant-contrib.sourceforge.net/ say to, "See the cc 
tasks for installation instructions for cpptasks." When I go to the link for 
'cc' (http://ant-contrib.sourceforge.net/cpptasks/index.html) it says, 
"Place cpptasks.jar into Ant's classpath by placing in Ant's lib 

But now I'm stuck because there is no cpptasks.jar in cpptasks-1.0b5.zip.

What is my next step?

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