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From "RUOFF, LARS (LARS)" <lars.ru...@alcatel-lucent.com>
Subject log4cxx v0.9.7 in multi-threaded environment
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2014 07:56:24 GMT

My questions is whether log4cxx v0.9.7 may be used in a multithreaded environment (logging
from different threads to same loggers) and whether there are any problems or caveats doing
(Unfortunately, we are bound to using v0.9.7 because we did some in-house extensions based
on it. Upgrading to latest version is not an option.)

So, from the top of your head, were there any major issues with 0.9.7 and multi-threading?
I guess the logger needs to be created and configured in the main thread, *before* using it
in other threads?
But besides from that, are there any restrictions?
The question is specifically for Linux builds.
Currently, we have some issues with core dumps when logging from different threads. But we
need to investigate further.

Also, will there be any differences concerning multi-threading, between linking the library
statically or dynamically?

Lars R.

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