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From "Simon Callan" <simon.cal...@infoshare-is.com>
Subject Compilation warning under Visual Studio 2008
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 13:19:41 GMT


I've just started using log4cxx 0.10, apr-1.4.5 and apr-util-1-3.12 under
Visual Studio 2008.


When I compile my project t in release mode, I get the following warnings:


warning C4275: non dll-interface class 'std::_Container_base_aux' used as
base for dll-interface class 'std::_Container_base_aux_alloc_real<_Alloc>'

warning C4251: 'std::_Container_base_aux_alloc_real<_Alloc>::_Alaux' : class
'std::allocator<_Ty>' needs to have dll-interface to be used by clients of
class 'std::_Container_base_aux_alloc_real<_Alloc>'


There appears to have been some effort to suppress the output of these
warnings (#pragma disable warning 4275 4251). Are these warning likely to be
symptoms of problems to come using log4cxx, or can I ignore them with no




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