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From Moshe Matitya <Moshe.Mati...@xconnect.net>
Subject Installing log4cxx on Linux with Ant
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2009 18:18:35 GMT
I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out how to install log4cxx on Linux with Ant.

In the past, when installing log4cxx 0.9.7 on a Linux machine, I would build and install it
using Make, as follows:  To build it, I would run the following commands:
Then, to install it, I would simply run:
            make install
This would install all the library files, include files, etc., in their proper locations.

Now, however, I am using log4cxx 0.10.0, which I build using Ant.  The default target in the
Ant build script compiles and links the sources, and runs the unit tests.  However, I don't
see how one is supposed to then install it, and I can't find any instructions about how to
do this in the documentation.

There doesn't seem to be a target in the Ant build script called "install", or anything similar.
 So how does one install log4cxx when using Ant?


Moshe Z. Matitya
XConnect Global Networks

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