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From david.we...@l-3com.com
Subject Segfault on application exit (sometimes)
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 15:29:11 GMT
We're seeing a strange occurance which I'm able to reproduce pretty
well.  We're running RHEL 4.0, with LOG4CXX 0.10.0.
The short version, is that we have objects, each with a LoggerPtr member
variable.  We init the ptr in the constructor, and are seeing occasional
seg faults when the application terminates.  (The application is
actually a boost automated unit test).
I've caught the segfault in DDD, and it is in Transcoder::encode, where
the static CharsetEncoder local variable ends up being set to null.
I haven't tracked down exactly *why* yet, but my gut tells me that it
has to do with the LOG4CXX subsystem being destroyed prior to all of the
class users being destroyed.
So, some questions:
    Is this a reasonable hypotheses?  I obviously have some more
tracking down to do, but I will not be able to provide any core dump
    Is it a bad idea to log messages in a class destructor?
    Any suggestions to prevent this segfault from occuring?

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