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From "Hale, Elaine" <Elaine_H...@nrel.gov>
Subject another log4cxx/msvc issue
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 01:17:07 GMT


I wrote a simple wrapper around log4cxx, and cannot seem to get my tests
to run in Release mode (Debug mode works fine).  I am working in Visual
Studio 2008, and have built log4cxx from Visual Studio in both Debug and
Release mode (my projects use the .lib and .dll that matches its current
configuration) and with LOG4CXX_LOGCHAR_IS_UTF8 = 0 and
LOG4CXX_LOGCHAR_IS_UTF8 = 1.  I have already checked the runtime
libraries and character sets specified by all of the projects involved.
The test application first outputs a bad channel name (incorrect
initialization) and no message when I call Logger::forcedLog.  It then
fails on a second call to Logger::forcedLog.  More specifically, Visual
Studio reports an unhandled exception (Access violation reading location
...) in Transcode::decode, which is called by Logger::forcedLog via the
LOG4CXX_DECODE_CHAR macro.  These issues happen for either value of


Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I saw that the developers of log4cxx are working on version
10.1.0.  Any idea when this will come out and if it will address these
sorts of Visual Studio 2008 issues?





Elaine T. Hale, Ph.D.

Buildings and Thermal Systems Center

National Renewable Energy Laboratory




MS 4111


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