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Sorry, been a bit busy lately, and missed this one... I don't believe it's a controllable behavior, from what I recall it is an OS level behavior on what happens when it is out of resources.  I've seen apps not using Log4CXX do the same thing.  Or worse, I've seen apps get "stuck".   The only solution we've seen -- as a general case -- is to monitor the volume via SNMP or using a simple script, and notify the admins BEFORE it fails.


Renny Koshy

"Peter Steele" <>

09/20/2008 01:37 PM
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"Log4CXX User" <>
RE: File system full causes log4cxx to crash

Does not one have any comments on this? Surely someone must have experienced this scenario, specially the volume where logs are being recorded becoming filled up.
From: Peter Steele []
Friday, September 19, 2008 11:46 AM
Log4CXX User
File system full causes log4cxx to crash

We’ve experienced several cases of our logging volume becoming full during the course of execution of our application. What we would like to happen in this case is simply to lose any log further messages that are written after the file system becomes full, but what happens instead is log4cxx crashes and brings down our application. We’re using the RollingFileAppender on a Unix box. Is there some way to configure log4cxx to behave a little less drastically in a case like this? Ideally, the best behavior in a case like this would be for log4cxx to delete the oldest backup log file and continue logging, but even simply suspending logging would be better than a crash. Any suggestions?