Ok, digging deeper into the library I see LoggerPtr is an ObjPtr and not a true pointer.


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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it will. In Test.hpp, the compiler doesn't know what type LoggerPtr is. Since you're referring to that type directly rather than by a pointer, the compiler needs to know the full details. It doesn't know that in reality it's a pointer type defined elsewhere. If for example, your code instead read:
class Test {
    static log4cxx::LoggerPtr* _logger;
then the compiler wouldn't complain.
- Stephen

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Subject: Forward Declaration


I'm wondering if it is possible to use forward declaration with log4cxx classes in a class header file. I would like to exclude the log4cxx headers files in my header files if possible and include the log4cxx header files in my cpp(source) files.

Should this work?

// Test.hpp
namespace log4cxx {
class LoggerPtr;

class Test {
    static log4cxx:LoggerPtr    _logger;



#include <log4cxx/logger.h>

using namespace log4cxx;

LoggerPtr Test::_logger(Logger::getRootLogger());

Test::Test() {

// end test.cpp