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From Alex Rosenbaum <Alex.Rosenb...@thomsonreuters.com>
Subject TimeBased + SizeBased
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 19:54:19 GMT
I am trying to implement logging to rolling files. I want rollover to
occur when the size reaches certain limit. At the same time I'd like
file name to include date stamp, so the result looks like:
... etc.
I started with log4cxx::RollingFileAppender, but it doesn't seem to
support FileName patterns.
Next, I tried log4cxx::rolling::RollingFileAppender with
TimeBasedRollingPolicy. This option does not allow rollover to be
triggered by file size.
Next, I tried log4cxx::rolling::RollingFileAppender with
TimeBasedRollingPolicy and SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy, but it seemed to
create a conflict because TimeBasedRollingPolicy also sets Triggering
policy for the appender.
What is the solution I am looking for?
Alex Rozenbaum

Thomson Reuters 

Phone: 646-822-2821



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