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From "Jacob L. Anawalt" <janaw...@geckosoftware.com>
Subject Re: File system full causes log4cxx to crash
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 16:29:28 GMT
On 2008-09-23 06:16, Peter Steele wrote:
> With 0.9.7 your app threw and exception and aborted when the log volume
> filled up. Putting a try/catch around the log call prevented the crash.
> I put the same try/catch in my wrapper functions and that worked as
> well, so that's all there was to it. I like simple solutions.

I am glad it worked out for you. At the same time I am concerned that you had to 
do this and I didn't. I would like to reproduce the problem so that I can handle 
it, preferably without putting try/catch around every logging statement...

The only throw I see in Logger is in getEffectiveLevel. The forcedLog method 
called by the macros gets to callAppenders where in the sample app it should hit 
a console and a file appender. That does appendLoopOnAppenders to call doAppend, 
which calls Writer::append, checkEntryConditions and subAppend. On to 
PatternLayout::format and PatternConverter::format. No throw. Did I follow the 
wrong chain?

I wonder if the difference might be in our iostreams libraries.

Would you mind debugging the exception and sharing who's throwing it and why?

Thank you,
Jacob Anawalt
Gecko Software, Inc.

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