Hi Curt,
I compiled log4cxx-0.10.0 with gcc on 3 Solaris 8/sparc workstations, 2 of which were installed with apr/apr-util 1.2.12 whereas the other apr/apr-util1.2.7.
Before applying the objectimpl.cpp workaround you provided,
1. 'make check' would fail on unit-test with exit status 139
2. a small test program I wrote got segmentation fault on exit
After applying your workaround,
1. 'make check' passed on all 3 machine
2. my small test program still exited with 'segmentation fault' on the 2 machine installed with apr/apr-util 1.2.12. But it exited without a problem on the 3rd machine (with apr 1.2.7)
Then I replaced apr/apr-util 1.2.12 with 1.2.7 on those 2 sun machines,
1. 'make check' passed
2. my small test program exited without 'segmentation fault' on all 3 machines
I got the following question:
1. I got an impression from other posts that apr/apr-util 1.2.2 are officially used by log4cxx developers. Do I have to use 1.2.2? Or 1.2.7 should be fine?
2. Will there be a permanent fix to replace the workaround solution you provided in objectimpl.cpp?