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From "Sarna, Amit" <amit.sa...@credit-suisse.com>
Subject Filtering logging to separate files
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 13:27:33 GMT
  I'm running log4cxx version 0.9.7. I've been able to use the socket
appender before to send messages of say WARN level or higher to a
logging server which then logs these messages in a separate file.
However, with this approach i found that if the server was brought down
then back up some funny things happened with the connection e.g. when it
came back up the client application would sometimes die with analysis of
the core file showing some issue within log4cxx causing the process to
So i was wondering, is there any other way (e.g. just through non-XML
config) to filter all warn and error level messages from a group of
client applications into a single file ?

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