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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Use of operator<<
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 02:59:40 GMT

On Mar 18, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Jacob L. Anawalt wrote:

> Stephen Bartnikowski wrote:
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Josh Kelley [mailto:joshkel@gmail.com]
>>>    LOG4CXX_DEBUG(logger, "Read " << path << " and got " <<
> Nice. I hadn't tried that since 'message' was documented to expect a  
> string and I didn't know if it would break in future versions, so I  
> had written out the long form of what the macro wrapped. I will be  
> correcting that shortly.
>> this:
>> #define LOGGING_DEBUG(message) { \
>>   if ((*pLogger)->isDebugEnabled()) {\
>>      log4cxx::logstream oss(*pLogger, log4cxx::Level::getDebug());\
>>      oss.setLocation(LOG4CXX_LOCATION);\
>>      oss << message;\
>>      oss.end_message();}}
>> This assumes you have the following declared and initialized:
>> log4cxx::LoggerPtr* pLogger;
> I see that the current online API documentation doesn't use the  
> logstream, and have read Curt's response saying it is supported once  
> again. If it hadn't been, I was thinking that the current online API  
> docs looked a little more efficient for simple strings (which is  
> where I currently use the logging macros), and that I would re- 
> implement the older style macros as LS_LOG4CXX_*(logger,streamInput).

I don't follow the last sentence.  The current macro definitions (and  
the implementation of the supporting classes) attempts to avoid the  
use of an actual std::basic_ostream if possible, so it should be more  
efficient for logging simple strings than the 0.9.7 implementation or  
an alternative using logstream.

> I hope the auto-detecting methods work well. If they didn't or again  
> if the "stream in the macro" version hadn't returned and I needed  
> wchar_t support I probably would have taken the "add a W to the  
> macro name" easy way out (LSW_LOG4CXX_*(logger,wideStreamInput)).

Adding W would not transparently support logging TCHAR* (programming  
model used on Windows  where TCHAR either char or wchar_t depending on  
preprocessor macros).  The LOG4CXX_ macros needed to effectively  
perform parameter matching (which compiler does, but not the  
preprocessor) to determine the matching stream type. 

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