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From Beni Bilme <benibi...@gmail.com>
Subject Newbie question: Compiling log4cxx 0.10.0 RC at Window XP Visual studio 2003 without Ant?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 15:28:58 GMT
Hi, I have checkout the log4cxx from


In windows, I have not been able to find a visual studio project file and left to Ant build.
I had to install jdk, ant. I download apr stuff but realized that
there are no binary versions available. Besides I still have to download some cpptask, ant
contrib stuff.

While doing this, I think that building this library should not be that complicated. I believe
I am missing something. 
I just want to use this library. It seems that to build it I have install and configure lots
of stuff which I do not use any of them in my development needs.
Isn't there a simpler way to compile this library under visual studio 2003. A project file
could be very helpful.

I used this library in an c++ application whose development environment is lost, and I am
trying to setup the development environment again. 
This is the only module that resist compile.  

I am quite sure that I am missing something and appreciate if someone can point it out. 
"How can I compile this library without needing ant and all its related dependencies."

Any comment much appreciated.

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