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From Ufuk Kayserilioglu <gro...@paralaus.com>
Subject NDC::clone and NDC::inherit
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 19:41:18 GMT
Whatever happened to the NDC functionality of "clone" and "inherit"? I 
would like to pass around a diagnostic context but the application I am 
working on is massively multi-threaded and most runs go through various 
worker-pool threads. Given the functionality of "clone" and "inherit", I 
was used to cloning the current threads NDC before I post a work-item, 
posting that along with the work-item, and when the worker-thread 
received the work-item I would "clear" and "inherit" the NDC for the 
recepient thread. That way I could always trace a single item throughout 
all my logs.

Is there a specific reason for the removal of this functionalty? And, is 
it non-trivial to re-implement it?


Ufuk Kayserilioglu

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