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From Andreas Grob <andreas.g...@bergauer.ch>
Subject Problem building log4cxx using apr
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:41:22 GMT

Since the change from CPPUNIT to LOGUNIT I have problems compiling the trunk. I
work under win2k, vs8/sp1.

When I compile as ever I got following error:

C:\work\log4cxx\log4cxx-trunk\src\ant\find-apr.xml:150: Unable to locate apr
base directory.

The INSTALL file says:
Connection to internet
  - or -
apr files in the lib path

So far I preferred to use the internet. But in build.xml:121 I found an
interesting hint. So I tried next:


Now some files were compiled but still the build failed:

     [echo] apr-find:
     [echo] apr.dir=c:\programme\apache\apr-1.2.12
     [echo] apr.include.dir=c:\programme\apache\apr-1.2.12/include
     [echo] apr.src.dir=c:\programme\apache\apr-1.2.12
     [echo] apr.lib.file=${apr.lib.file}
     [echo] apr.lib.file.dir=${apr.lib.file.dir}
     [echo] apr.lib.dir=${apr.lib.dir}
     [echo] apr.lib.prefix=${apr.lib.prefix}
     [echo] apr.lib.suffix=${apr.lib.suffix}
     [echo] apr.lib.type=${apr.lib.type}

C:\work\log4cxx\log4cxx-trunk\build.xml:348: The following error occurred while
executing this line:
C:\work\log4cxx\log4cxx-trunk\src\ant\apr-build.xml:111: project doesn't support
the nested "comment" element.

I'm not familiar with ant, apr, ... So, I don't know what to do next. Can please
anybody help me?

~ Andreas

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