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From "Jacob L. Anawalt" <janaw...@geckosoftware.com>
Subject Re: Seeking documentation
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:58:40 GMT
Curt Arnold wrote:
> log4cxx has minimal independent documentation since it attempts to mimic 
> log4j.  Unfortunately, log4j also has a gap between the freely available 
> intro and the freely available source code.  There are two commercial 
> log4j books but they are not products of the Apache Software 
> Foundation.  The priority on log4j would be to move on the log4j 2.0 and 
> document it during development instead of documenting log4j 1.2 5 years 
> or so after initial release.

I am planning on getting the book as a reference and to help other developers 
who may work on my project get up to speed, but I wanted to get slightly deeper 
proof of concept code going before we commit to it.

I wasn't expecting anything new to be written for the older code, just hoping 
others knew of some additional handy resources. I was also wondering if I just 
"didn't get it" when using the Wiki. When I search I often get results like 7 
results of 704 pages doing a full text search for "log4cxx" but the title index 
is only 20 pages so I wondered if somehow I was missing something. Maybe it's 
just all the wiki help pages in lots of languages.

At this point I think I'll ask individual questions here when I don't find the 
answer in the archives, and update the wiki when I think I have a nice summary 
to add.

> nagoya should be replaced by issues when it refers to JIRA.  Please feel 
> free to change those on the Wiki.

I couldn't find eyebrowse anywhere. Maybe it's been replaced by mod_mbox like 
the project mailing lists page links to? If so then I think I have the mailing 
list links set up correctly on the wiki.

Jacob Anawalt
Gecko Software, Inc.

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