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From "Christoph Macheiner" <Christoph.Machei...@update.com>
Subject zip/gzip rollover not working
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:13:04 GMT
in ZipCompressAction::execute() and GZCompressAction::execute(), an
attempt is made to redirect the child's error stream to this processes'
error stream. on failure, an exception is thrown. now (at least on
windows systems) a process does not necessarily have an error stream (at
least not initially, or when the redirection is closed eg. during
shutdown), which causes the appender to never rollover. i think this
should be fixed. apr_file_open_stderr() return APR_EINVAL when it cannot
obtain the handle but the os returns success, so this could be checked.
otherwise i would need to redirect stderr in all applications (and leave
it open until the last log message) which does not seem to be right at

(and yes, i am using the latest svn head)

thanks, christoph

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