I am trying to build log4cxx on a Sun.

When I do the make, I get "#error  No default charset decoder available"  which comes out of charsetdecoder.cpp.


SunOS 5.10, and g++ 3.4.3. The computer is not connected to the internet.

I've managed to make the apr and apr util stuff, but can't install them to /usr/lib due to lack of privilege.  I use --prefix to put them in a different location.

I have not built cppunit on this computer and hope to be able to bypass it for now if possible.

For the log4cxx build I am using the following commands:
   sh ./autogen.sh
   ./configure --with-apr=blahblah  --with-apr-util=blahblah  --disable-cppunit

At this point the error is reported from the charsetdecoder.cpp compile.

The ./configure step reports (among many other things) the following:
   checking for wchar_t… yes
   checking for logchar type…  utf_8

I've searched the message forums and have found a couple of related entries, but am not sure if they apply to what I am seeing.  Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.