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From srikanth sampath <srikanth_samp...@yahoo.com>
Subject PatternLayouts
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 01:58:24 GMT
I have a question regarding if the following is supported:

o I have wrapper that uses LOG4CXX API to print log messages.  I would like to print the messages
optionally with the file and line #.  
o Using it this way, prints the file, line number where log4cxx API is invoked and NOT where
the wrapper was invoked, which is the actual place where the message originated.  Note that
I cannot use a macro or such for the wrapper.  It is a class in itself.

o Does LOG4CXX provide the following API
   - Is print the file/line number option enabled ?
   - (If so), set the file/line number provided(which I can pass to the wrapper).


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