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From Johannes.Fr...@kisters.de
Subject Socket Appender not functional?
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 15:38:59 GMT
Hello again :)
I just digged a little deeper into the log4cxx project (awesome amount of 
code, that is ;) ) And found out something strange:
The write(event); method which the Socket Appender uses to send it's 
events is all #if 0'ed out in loggingevent.cpp - therefore nothing is 
being sent via socket. Why is that? I would need to modify the appender 
anyways since I only want to send the message itself, not the event 
wrapped around it (because I have several languages talking to the same 
server) but I assumed I would at least find a working preset. Can anyone 
explain this to me please? :) I checked both the revisions that came with 
the VS2005 Project file and the latest svn, both have the write #if 0'ed 
With regards,
Johannes Frank
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