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From George Uecker <george.uec...@dot21rts.com>
Subject Re: AsyncAppender not working
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:58:36 GMT
Hi Moshe,

Moshe Matitya wrote:
> Hi, George.
> Thank you for responding.  I appreciate your taking the time.
> I tried your config file, after commenting out the references to the
> DDSAppender (so that it configures just one AsyncAppender, to which the
> ConsoleAppender is attached).  Unfortunately, it did not work:  It, too,
> produced the same error message ("No appender named [CONSOLE] could be
> found"), and nothing was logged to the console.
> The following was the debug output:
>     log4cxx: The "configDebug" attribute is deprecated.
>     log4cxx: Use the "internalDebug" attribute instead.
>     log4cxx: Threshold ="".
>     log4cxx: Level value for root is [debug].
>     log4cxx: OptionConverter::toLevel: no class name specified,
> level=[debug]
>     log4cxx: root level set to DEBUG
>     log4cxx: Class name: [org.apache.log4cxx.AsyncAppender]
>     log4cxx: Attaching appender named [CONSOLE] to appender named
>     log4cxx: No appender named [CONSOLE] could be found.
>     log4cxx: Adding appender named [ASYNC_CONSOLE] to logger [root].
> A couple of questions:
> (1) Are you by any chance using the old, deprecated version of log4cxx
> (0.9.7)?  I only began experiencing this problem with the AsyncAppender
> when I upgraded to the latest version (0.10.0).

No, I'm using a snapshot of HEAD from Oct. 2006. 

> (2) According to the following bug description, the AsyncAppender, when
> under load, will cause logging threads to deadlock and hang:
>     [#LOGCXX-129] Asyncappender is full of race conditions (improper use
> of condition variables) - ASF JIRA
>     http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LOGCXX-129
> Hve you experienced this problem?  (Of course, if you are using log4cxx
> 0.9.7, then you shouldn't have this problem either.)

I have not experienced this problem, but I also modified AsyncAppender slightly so that it
does not block when its queue gets full.  Instead it just drops any log msgs it can't handle.
 Log4j's AsyncAppender now has a configuration switch for blocking or non-blocking behavior,
including a summary of dropped msgs for non-blocking mode, but this functionality has not
been ported to log4cxx yet (that I know of).

Thanks for bringing this bug report to my attention though...


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