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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Race condition with FileAppender.
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 05:32:11 GMT

On Jun 29, 2007, at 11:37 PM, pete@mu.org wrote:

> If you just build the small program that I sent and link it to the  
> subversion log4cxx, then check out the log files it creates.   
> They're full of junk along with valid lines too.
> It does it everytime.  I'm working on a threaded project that uses  
> 100's
> of threads, and it was always working great with log4cxx, then I
> upgraded to subversion source, and it started leaving garbage in the
> logs.
> Tonight, I finally decided to go back and reinstall the standard
> log4cxx-9 libs, and link with them.  It completely fixed my problem.
> Have you tried to run that program I sent you and link it against the
> newest subversion log4cxx?
> Please try and and let me know what you find in the log files.
> That's the best example you could have of the problem.
> Thanks,
> Pete

I appreciate the test code, but have not had a chance to attempt to  
build and run it.  I can't rapidly switch projects without endlessly  
churning so when I'm active on log4j development, I usually only  
answer questions or give hints until I finish whatever I'm currently  
working on.  I expect to do so tomorrow morning (US Central Time,  
UTC-5).  If you have any other insights in the interim please post  
them.  I do appreciate the specifics on platform and compiler, that  
helps a huge amount.

What indicates to you that the problem is in FileAppender and not in  
PatternLayout?  I would think that PatternLayout would be a might  
more likely source of problems.  Have you tried other appenders  
(telnet might be reasonable) and not had the problem?  Have you tried  
a custom layout (all the stock layouts are preconfigured  
PatternLayout's)?  Does the same issue still appear if you simplify  
the pattern (maybe down to just %m or %m%n)?

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