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From "Torsten Wiebesiek" <torsten.wiebes...@grecon.de>
Subject Re: log4cxx VS2005 Project file + Win32 Binary
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 13:22:19 GMT
Hi merc,

> I've been searching for a VS2005 project file or binary for log4cxx,
> but without any luck. No choice but to went through a bumpy journey
> to get the ant build from 0.10.0 source.
> Anyway, I posted it up here, hope that its some use to anyone who is
> working with VS2005:
> http://www.dreamcubes.com/blog/?itemid=43

thanks for your detailed description on building log4cxx on a windows
system. I was very close to giving up, even though I'm very happy with
the current svn-snapshot of it on my Linux platform.

Let me summerize your journey for those not having time to read your 
detailed description: (please correct me, if I'm wrong at some point)

- building log4cxx with 'ant' failed
- creating project files for M$ Visual C++ 2005 with 'ant
- building log4cxx with M$ Visual C++ 2005 VS and the created project
  files failed
- creating project files for M$ Visual C++ 6 with 'ant
- building log4cxx with M$ Visual C++ 6 VS and the created project files
  finally succeeded
- converting the VS-6 project files to VS-2005 files and builing log4cxx
  (using the Visual Studio 2005) succeeded

Finally, you edited the VS2005 files, so that "all fit nicely in a
solution, that will build both the Static and Dynamic version of
Debug / Release build".

Great, thanks for your investigation and for making the binaries as well
as a buildable source distribution available.

In order to be able to use your project files on the latest
I played around a bit. Simply copying your project files into the
is of course not working. First apr, aprutil and cppunit had to be

I tried to get these by 'ant build-aprutil build-cppunit'. Then I copied
files into the snapshot, but compilation failed, since
doesn't exist. I don't know how ant works, so I wasn't able to figure
out, how
this file can be created.

Next, I called 'ant build-project-vc8', copied your files into the
directory, and "ta-daaa": compilation of log4cxx is working and thanks
to your
project file, it's easy to build the static version as well as the dll
in both
flavours, release and debug. :-)

This will probably only work, until log4cxx is significantly changed,
e.g. by
adding/removing/renaming some source files, but for the moment, it works
well. :-)

Anyway, the better solution is to fix the ant build. Unfortunately, I
no idea on how ant works, and also, I'm very new to programming on a
plattform. So I definetly can't fix it on my own, but of course I am
to post detailed information about my system and the error messages that



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