Running on winxp 32 bit. I haven’t really looked into the unit tests. How do I run the unit test to verify the rolling file appender behavior?




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On Apr 16, 2007, at 12:12 PM, Marshall Powers wrote:

I’m trying to use a RollingFileAppender, but my log files are not “rolling” when it seems that they should. I am using a SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy with max file size = 100kb, and a FixedWindowRollingPolicy. When I start my program, if a log file already exists that is larger than the max file size, it gets backed up properly, but when my log file runs over 100kb during the normal run of the program, it simply keeps growing, it doesn’t roll over. Is this the desired behavior of these classes? The fact that it does roll the log files at startup suggests that I have it almost right, but either I have a mistaken idea about how the appender is supposed to work, or I am missing some subtle step. Any ideas?


Strange.  What platform are you running on?  There are unit tests that should check the behavior, do you know whether they passed?