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From "Chandramohan, Thangaraja" <Thangaraja_Chandramo...@amat.com>
Subject log rolling
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 09:27:22 GMT

I have a doubt on rolling log files.
Consider I already have 3 rolled log files.  File.log.1, File.log.2, File.log.3.

During rolling following actions will happening.
File.log.1 → File.log.2 → File.log.3  ( Previous File.log.3 will gone)
File.log → File.log.1

I have few doubts on how log rolling will work with following scenarios. 
• If File.log.2 is kept opened (used by some other process or opened in some editor)
• If file permission has changed as read-only for File.log.2 

So File.log.2 cannot be renamed or deleted. This will cause serious problem in Windows os.

Windows won’t allow us to modify a file (or file name), if it is used by other process.

I am having similar issue with my log handler module, on my project. 
My log rolling method is relatively same as log4cxx’s rolling. 

How log4cxx is handling this kind of scenarios? Can some one explain?


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