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From "Stephen Bartnikowski" <sbartnikow...@barkinglizards.com>
Subject logstream and a std::string with zeros
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 00:08:37 GMT

I'm doing the following:

std::string message;


if (sm_logger->isDebugEnabled()) {
   log4cxx::logstream oss(sm_logger, log4cxx::Level::getDebug());
   oss << message;

but in one circumstance I found that "message" contained actual zeros
as part of the string data.  (std::string allows this and does not
recognize them as null terminators.)

When "message" is streamed into "oss", my program hangs.  If I convert
"message" to a c_str prior to calling my block of code, everything runs
fine.  I think the logstream operator<< is converting the std::string to
a type that isn't able to handle zeros in the string for whatever
reason.  Should this be a bug report?

(I'm using the log4cxx code from SVN about 2 weeks ago on FreeBSD 6.0.)


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