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From "Allen Liu \(allliu\)" <all...@cisco.com>
Subject RE: failed to build with ant on Solaris2.8
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 20:57:21 GMT
When I ran "locale charmap", I got "646", which I don't find in the list
provided by "iconv -l". (what I can find in the list are ISO646-US,
ISO_646.IRV:1991, ISO646_JP, ISO646_CN, etc.) I still tried "iconv -f
646 -t UTF-8 SOMEFILE.txt" and got "iconv: conversion from 646


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Curt Arnold [mailto:carnold@apache.org] 
> Okay, I've reviewed the apr-util code.  What appears 
> happening is that nl_langinfo(CODESET) is called (by 
> apr_os_locale_encoding) to determine the current character 
> set and that charset name is used to get the iconv conversion 
> to UTF-8.  If nl_langinfo(CODESET) returns null, an empty 
> string or starts with a ^, then the compiler encoding is used 
> (likely ISO-8859-1).  Running "locale charmap" in a console 
> should show the currently encoding.  If the encoding name is 
> not in the list provided by "iconv -l" then bad things are 
> likely to happen.  If it is, then try "iconv -f=XXXX -t=UTF-8 
> SOMEFILE.txt"  
> where XXXX is the encoding returned by "locale charmap" and 
> SOMEFILE.txt is some short text file and see if it reports 
> any issues with the conversion.  If "locale charmap" returned 
> null or an empty string try using ISO-8859-1 as the encoding name.
> It is possible that we could provide some fallback 
> encoder/decoder in case the locale info is messed up.  But 
> I'd really like to understand what is going on before adding 
> something that might cover up a fixable issue.  I searched 
> the APR bugzilla and could not find any bugs that mentioned 

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