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From Spammed TooMuch <spamcola...@yahoo.com>
Subject What is RolingFileAppender supposed to do when the MaxBackupIndex file is filled?
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:01:12 GMT
I’m new to log4cxx so please excuse if this is a known bug – I didn’t see anything like
it on the bug list.
I am setting up a RolingFileAppender with a MaxBackupIndex of 15. When I fill up all 15 files
and reach my MaxFileSize on the 15th file (i.e. the one without a number on it), that 15th
file is deleted and a new log #15 is created and used. So after a few days I’ll have old
files 1-14 and one very up to date file 15, but will have lost all my logs from the time the
14th was filled to the latest 15th was started.
I’m assuming this is not expected behavior! File MaxBackupIndex  should be deleted and files
0 - MaxBackupIndex -1 should be renamed 1-MaxBackupIndex , right? We are using 0.9.7 if it

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