Look at the ant script that comes with the build, it clearly has an option to do debug or release builds. Its really easy if you edit the file but I think you can even pass it on the command line

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I had to build the release version myself from the SVN head.  You have to grab some source for a few other jar files and build those as well.  Schedule a little time for yourself to get it done - it's not just a click of a button away.  The good news is that once you've gone through the pain, it's worth it - it's a great tool. 

From: Munir Badir [mailto:mbadir@mercury.com]
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 6:55 AM
To: log4cxx-user@logging.apache.org
Subject: log4cxx-0.9.8 release mode


I need to use the release library "log4cxx.lib" and the 'release mode' DLL "log4cxx.dll" of log4cxx-0.9.8 last build. I have downloaded the log4cxx-0.9.8 from different locations and what I have always is the 'debug mode' DLL "log4cxxd.dll" and the lib "log4cxxd.lib".

Can anyone please, tell where can I find the last log4cxx-0.9.8 release build or the log4cxx0.9.8 code for MSDEV6.0 (and how to build for release)?




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