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From "Moshe Matitya" <Moshe.Mati...@Kayote.com>
Subject RE: log4cxx-0.9.8 release mode
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2006 08:54:48 GMT
There are probably a lot of people (such as myself  :-) who would find
it useful if the 0.9.8 distribution could include the ant-generated MSVC
project files.  This would save us all the trouble of installing and
configuring ant.


	From: matthew.kanwisher@gmail.com
[mailto:matthew.kanwisher@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Matthew Kanwisher
	Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 3:52 AM
	To: Log4CXX User
	Subject: Re: log4cxx-0.9.8 release mode
	Look at the ant script that comes with the build, it clearly has
an option to do debug or release builds. Its really easy if you edit the
file but I think you can even pass it on the command line
	On 4/24/06, brian_moody@agilent.com <brian_moody@agilent.com>

		I had to build the release version myself from the SVN
head.  You have to grab some source for a few other jar files and build
those as well.  Schedule a little time for yourself to get it done -
it's not just a click of a button away.  The good news is that once
you've gone through the pain, it's worth it - it's a great tool.  

		From: Munir Badir [mailto:mbadir@mercury.com] 
		Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 6:55 AM
		To: log4cxx-user@logging.apache.org
		Subject: log4cxx-0.9.8 release mode


		I need to use the release library "log4cxx.lib" and the
'release mode' DLL "log4cxx.dll" of log4cxx-0.9.8 last build. I have
downloaded the log4cxx-0.9.8 from different locations and what I have
always is the 'debug mode' DLL "log4cxxd.dll" and the lib

		Can anyone please, tell where can I find the last
log4cxx-0.9.8 release build or the log4cxx0.9.8 code for MSDEV6.0 (and
how to build for release)?




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